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Links to free Hungarian e-books


I’m very interested in e-books lately as I have bought a new e-reader. My e-reader is a Sony e-ink device, so I cannot read books in some formats, for example .prc. I was very interested in where can I find other e-books in Hungarian in other formats too, however I have found some very useful pages for downloading .prc content as well (for Kindle users).

So, here you can find some links, where you can download free books instantly.

Kindle-varázs blog (in prc format)
MEK  (Hungarian Digital Library) in different formats
DIA (Digital Database of Hungarian Lietarture) – you can read online

Pay and download:

Galaktika (sci-fi books) – registration needed
Multimediaplaza (different topics) – registration needed
SF Portal (mostly sci-fi) – registration needed
Fapadoskönyv (different topics, Hungarian and International Literature in Hungarian) – registration needed

And there is a search platform  to search in the Hungarian e-book database:
E-könyv kereső

Jó olvasást!

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